Executive Protections

Executive Protection


In executive protections, the most valuable asset is not physical force, but rather brains. Evidence has shown in this industry, that intelligence is the most valuable asset to possess and utilize in personal protection. While some bodyguards emphasize a reactive approach to protecting their clients, a hand-to-hand combat situation should always be considered a last resort when offering personal protection. Formulating a plan and implementing preemptive measures to protect the client before a situation turns violent, is always the best approach. Our protection officers will handle their duties in a low profile fashion, to not draw undue attention to our clients, while providing the highest degree of protection possible. Please call us to learn more about how we can help with your personal protection needs.

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Terroristic & Physical Threats

This could be a personal threat or a threat of violence to occur at your business. If you get a threat of violence called in for whatever reason, why take the chance. First, call and report the incident to the police dept. Then call us, we can then have one of our armed plainclothes protection officers sent over, to provide security to you and your employees, and being that he will be in a suit, not a uniform, his presence should not alarm anybody. If you are the victim of a terroristic threat made against you or your family and are in fear it will be acted on, always call the police first and make a report. Then call us, sometimes these verbal threats become physical realities. If you know the individual or feel there is a good chance he may carry out the threat, again why take the chance. Call us, we will get a highly trained personal protection officer out to you as soon as possible, to provide you with not only security, but peace of mind.

Hostile Terminations

Given today’s problems with mass shootings, and workplace violence. Accurintel wants to help you mitigate any possible threat you may have to deal with. One of these threats is the potential for violence in high-risk hostile employee terminations. Not only does the company have to worry over possible acts of violence to its employees, but also civil litigation should this occur, and the company took no proactive actions to try and ensure they were prepared for possible violent acts, from this termination. Before laying off a possible violent employee or even a large group of individuals, contact AccurIntel to help prevent any violence from happening on your premises. We will meet with management, go over a plan that minimizes any chance of things turning violent. We will utilize proactive means to stop any potential hostile employee termination from becoming a problem. Our personal protection officers, wear suits not uniforms, to blend in with the workforce, this will prevent possibly triggering a subject should he see a uniformed security guard during his termination. To prove our commitment to the companies that hire us for our protection services, we carry 10x the states minimum requirements, to the tune of 7 figures on our company insurance policy. Contact us for a free consult, we’ll go over the situation with you and provide solutions to the problem.

High-Value Courier/Escort

Here at AccurIntel we provide not only private investigation services, but also level 4 personal protection officers, who are former police officers. All our officers are trained in situational awareness, protection driving, advanced tactical firearms training, and covert surveillance. If you have valuables you need us to transport from point A to B, with the assurance that everything that left with us, will arrive with us, or want us to follow your own transportation, to ensure valuables or individuals inside that vehicle will get to where you want them to be with no problems, our officers will be there to ensure that nothing happens along the way. Also if you own a trucking company, and are worried about hijackings, or possible employee thefts, our protection officers are also licensed private investigators, trained in covert surveillance, who can follow your company vehicles, and video any thefts en route, getting you court-admissible evidence if they discover employees are raiding the cargo while on the way to the dropoff. Our employees put their vast number of years of experience as law enforcement officers to use, in handling any situation that might come up. Give us a call, we offer a free consultation, and will discuss any problems or needs you might have, and let you know what we can do for you.

AccurIntel Executive Personal Protection Officers

All of AccurIntel Executive Personal Protection Officers are former law enforcement officers, except for our lone female protection officer who was trained by our former officers in advanced weapons training, verbal de-escalation techniques, and other skills we required her to master. Due to this training regiment, it equipped her to pass all state training courses  to acquire her level 4 personal protection license with a perfect score of 100. We at AccurIntel are not satisfied with our employees that are not prior law enforcement officers with just having the minimum needed to get their license, we want them to be the best in the industry, so that is why we put them through some of the same rigorous training we all had as law enforcement officers. Due to the many years of handling volatile situations as officers, our personal protection skills surpass what is required by the state. We are the best at what we do, and can handle any job you may require, big or small.

San Antonio’s Only State Licensed Level 4 Armed Female Protection Officer

Executive Protection Officer Kristie, is fully trained in self defence, advanced tactical firearms training, baton training, and state certified in the use of pepper spray. She has also received advanced training in techniques such as verbal de-escalation, use of situational awareness and most importantly how to think quickly on her feet, to use brain power over brawn to diffuse any situations that may arise. We at AccurIntel are very proud of her work ethic, and taking everything we threw at her, in preparing her to be every bit as capable as any of former law enforcement male protection officers in providing personal protection to any client. She is also a highly skilled licensed Private Investigator for our company as well.

Here are a just a few reasons why a female bodyguard may be better suited than a male bodyguard:

A More Covert Option Than Using A Male Bodyguard

A large burly male Bodyguard that stays in constant close proximity to his client, will often draw the attention of the public on the person they are protecting, which is fine depending on what our clients want.

Women Bodyguards can blend in with the clients entourage and be mistaken for a personal assistant, or a friend, which is a more discreet option and ensures that the client stays unnoticed. As a result, when it comes to size or look, a woman Bodyguard doesn’t need to look imposing as long as she has the training to deal with anything that may come her way. 

In any situation, brain power is more important than muscle power. Successful executive protection does not rely on physical force. It relies on brains. Intelligence is the most valuable asset to possess and utilize in protection details. Some “bodyguards” favor a reactive approach to protecting their clients, here at AccurIntel we train our personal protection officers that a hand-to-hand combat situation is to be considered a last resort when offering executive protection. Formulating a plan and implementing preemptive measures to successfully protect the client before it gets sto that, is a far better approach in dealing with situations that arise during a protection detail.

Also, female Bodyguards are a better fit for families, as young children are less intimidated by the presence of a woman. They can easily pass for the children’s nanny or mother when doing the school run or taking them to a park, which minimizes the risk of getting unwanted attention.

Womens unique qualities a plus for personal protections


Women bodyguards have certain qualities that set them apart or can provide additional value to a Close Protection team when men and women are working together on a protection detail. Women’s softer skills prove to be an asset in managing conflicts, with fewer chances that confrontations will turn violent.

Women are found to be better at attention to details, their organizational skills are some of the key components they possess that ensures safe planning and that the job will run smoothly.

Female Bodyguards, it must be said also have a better handle on Etiquette for Bodyguards. Interpersonal skills and greater social awareness, are traits sought after in personal protection.


Full Time Protection

One of the main advantages of using a female Bodyguard is that if the client is a woman, protection doesn’t stop at the door of the ladies’ room!

Thus, certain places that can prove to be a barrier to male protection officers, as male Bodyguards cannot follow lady clients to certain locations that only allow persons of the same sex, including dressing rooms and hotel suites. This affects the level of security that should be provided, as the client and Bodyguard should never be in separate rooms. Even if it’s a matter of seconds, such as a male bodyguard being outside a ladies bathroom, this could have a major impact on the clients’ safety!

A female protection officer is a less obstructive solution, as clients can get on with their daily life as normal, while they are being protected at the highest levels.