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Private investigators that get the court-admissible proof you need

Private investigators can be instrumental in obtaining court admissible evidence for all aspects of law. Though our investigators are formally trained in criminal law, all of us have had to deal with civil law situations. Evidence gathering is still the same, the only difference being that in criminal law, we had to make sure our evidence would meet the standards of proof beyond a reasonable doubt vs preponderance of evidence in civil law. Even though the standard of proof is lower in civil law, we will pursue all cases with obtaing the higher degree of proof a criminal case requires with all our investigations.


I worked with Investigator Mahl on a felony case – Failure to Stop & Render Aid in San Antonio, Texas. Investigator Mahl was not only polite and enjoyable to work with, but he also worked hard and was very thorough. He was able to dig up extra evidence that ultimately ended up being the linchpin in the dismissal of the case. I highly recommend Investigator Mahl!

Stephanie May

DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

We want to help you to win your case.

Our private investigators will help you discover the proof you need.

Substantiate your case.

Often, there are services that a law firm cannot provide. We work closely with attorneys to understand their litigation strategy, determine how best to build an effective legal case, and take actions to substantiate your case or lawsuit.

Our experienced private investigators are well trained to interview potential witnesses and take their depositions.

This participation in the process can often make the difference between winning and losing a case.


Proofread all police reports on criminal cases

A very underutilized service that can bring to light mistakes made by law enforcement, is to have our former law enforcement officers proofread all reports submitted on criminal cases. From the officer assigned to the case, to the backup officers who make the scene, to supplemental reports of the detectives assigned. Officers are taught from the academy on, that the pen is mightier than the sword, and the longer an officer is on the job, the more he understands this and uses it. There is an art in report writing, where an officer can take a set of facts, but make the narrative suit his needs, or make a mistake, yet with creative writing bury that mistake, that takes a trained eye to find that mistake and bring it to light. Our investigators are experts in police report writing, and by using that experience we have uncovered major mistakes that were made in an investigation, which turned an ADA wanting to prosecute this case to the fullest, into after receiving our investigative packet containing all the inconsistencies in this case, along with pointing out a violation of Texas code of criminal procedures, where a warrantless arrest was made, where the authority to do this came from a mistake. Changed his mind in pursuing this case and dropped all charges.

The DA’s office have unlimited investigative resources at their disposal, let us help combat that. Throughout the criminal defense investigation, we will scour all police reports, copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements, etc, all related to the case, with the ultimate goal being to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next, or mistakes made by the police and by closely going over the reports from the very beginning of the case, identifying possible mistakes, and working with the attorney to develop a strategy to help you win the case.

We can provide the following services to support your case:


Accident scene investigations


Witness interviews


Anonymous data gathering


Workers Compensation/Insur Fraud


Public information searches


Liaison to police


Proofreading police reports


Background checks


Expert witness testimony


Consulting services


Covert surveillance


Assest searches

Experience with all types of cases.

We can help you find the right resources, provide court admissible evidence, to help reach amicable settlements in divorce cases. Our consulting services cover every facet of Family Law including child visitation rights, child support payments, alimony, joint custody, and enforcement of judgments.

Experience with all types of law.

Our investigators have experience in Criminal, Defense, Family Law, Employment Law, Corporate Litigation, and Civil Law.

When you need experienced investigators who have testified in court settings, who have been involved in putting prosecution packets together for DA’s, give us a call. We strive for client satisfaction and integrity. beyond reproach.

Consulting and expert witnesses.

We also offer consulting and expert witness testimony for both criminal and civil trials in matters pertaining to our core competencies of investigation and corporate security.

As former law enforcement, our private investigators have a great deal of experience in county and state courts and are recognized as highly credible experts in their respective fields.

Interview and Interrogations

What is an Interview 

An interview is a non-accusatory question and answer session with a suspect, victim or witness.The goal of an interview is to gather information and/or make an assessment of the subject’s credibility. It is important that the investigator maintain a non-accusatory tone and demeanor during an interview.Our investigators are well trained in both interviews and interrogation techniques to obtain the information needed.



What is an interrogation 

The purpose for an interrogation is to elicit the truth from a person whom the investigator believes has lied during an interview. It represents, therefore, an effort to persuade the subject to tell the truth. In addition, logic and rational arguments based on direct evidence available through records, documents, and information the investigator has, to persuade the subject to tell the truth. Should we get a confession in the course of an investigation, we take a declaration under the penalty of perjury under CHAPTER 132. UNSWORN DECLARATIONS of the CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE TITLE 6. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS

Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Should Hire Private Investigators

Our investigators are fully trained to take the time to understand the charges and laws associated with a specific crime when an attorney hires us in a criminal defense investigation. Once our investigator develops a concrete understanding of the case in question, he or she will go over all of the materials that the defense team has received from the prosecutor. A private investigator can ensure fairness, leveling the playing field and providing the defendant with a neutral and impartial investigator to seek and gather the facts so that they can be assessed when the defendant presents his or her defense. This ultimately highlights how important it is for a criminal defense attorney to hire a professional private investigator who knows how to conduct a thorough and professional criminal investigation. Obtaining and preserving evidence is essential to any criminal defense case. The investigator must understand related laws, the proper way to gather evidence and maintain the chain of custody for a possible court proceeding. 


Interrogation skill, dedication & experience

Interview & Interrogation is taught in many different branches of law enforcement, but it takes talent, dedication, and experience to become skilled at it.


Experience in working with attorneys

Investigators with AccurIntel, consider working with attorneys on a case as a partnership working toward one goal, of winning your case. We pride ourselves at being available should an attorney need to consult with us on short notice. But rest assured, that what eveidence we aquire will be admissible in court. As former law enforcement we follow the rules of eveidence gathering, and you will never get any surprises with us.

Insurance Fraud

Workman’s Compensation fraud and automobile injury fraud is on the rise. Unfortunately, individuals who try and beat the system for their own personal benefit causes problems in legitimate injuries and those faking for personal gain. As investigators, we go where the facts take us.

Insurance companies and their client corporations are defrauded out of $75 billion dollars every year.

One of the cornerstones at AccurIntel Investigative Services, LLC is our long-standing tradition of providing investigative excellence to insurance companies. Employers, insurance companies and attorneys representing them rely on AccurIntel Investigative Services, LLC to conduct thorough and professional investigations to assist them in uncovering fraudulent claims that in turn save them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

We also use covert surveillance techniques, go over the accident police report, take accident scene photo’s, look over the damage of vehicles and use our over 30 years of experience in handling accident scenes to piece together what caused the accident, then place the individual claiming injury under surveillance, to get photographic proof, in an effort to obtain the critical evidence you will need in order to terminate paying further benefits, medical costs and to pursue prosecution. Our team of experienced, highly skilled investigators are comprised of former law enforcement officers who are looking out for your clients best interest. On workman compensation fraud, we have found covert surveillance, along with videos and photographic evidence to be the most efficient technique in combatting this form of fraud. Eventually, if they are faking injuries they inevitably make a mistake, and when they do we are there to get the money shot of them jogging when they claim they can’t get around without a wheelchair. Call us for a free consultation, let us see if we can help your case.

Contact us should you have further questions. You’ll speak to an investigator personally who will discuss your particular case in detail and will explain your options.

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