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Surveillance/Counter Surveillance

Get court-admissible proof of wrong-doing.

We all have intuition, and usually when yours tells you something is wrong, more times than not you’re correct. Maybe it’s telling you your spouse is cheating or an employee of yours is committing worker compensation fraud. But intuition won’t stand up in court, but evidence provided by our investigators will. You can rest assured that the evidence we provide will be admissible, as our investigators follow all rules of evidence gathering, to ensure its court admissibility will not come into question. It’s not uncommon in this business that you may get photos or other evidence from a private investigator, that once you have paid him and is no longer in the picture, you find out once in court that the photo’s he obtained for you violated the subject under surveillance expectation of privacy, and therefore not admissible in court. As former Law Enforcement Officers, we know what is and isn’t admissible in court. The stakes we were involved in, made it of paramount importance to gather evidence correctly, to avoid the risk of letting a murderer go free, and we use those same standards to ensure evidence gathered by us for your investigation is just as important. Our investigators at AccurIntel Investigative Services, are trained to perform discrete surveillance and provide court-admissible evidence of wrong-doing, which makes all the difference if you go to trial.

Another aspect of surveillance is known as counter-surveillance. Counter surveillance is basically to negate the outcome of being under surveillance. Whether its a spouse having you under surveillance, whether justified or not, we offer you the ability to verify if this is happening. Even though having a spouse having you under surveillance can feel like a major invasion of privacy, counter-surveillance can also prevent crimes from being committed against you. There are cases where ex-boyfriends have illegally installed a GPS to use in stalking ex-girlfriends. There is also a case that made national news, where a gang used a GPS to conduct surveillance on a man for 5 days, before finally, using the illegally installed GPS to show them where he was at, so they could murder him there.  Should you have reason to believe you may be under surveillance or followed, please call us for a consultation. We can identify who is conducting surveillance on you, if it turns out to be a spouse, we will find out if its a licensed PI conducting the surveillance and the co. he is licensed under, so you can use that to confront your spouse. If it’s an ex, we will get evidence to substantiate him stalking you, for you to take to the police for charges to be filed against him, and possibly our investigation may save your life.


AccurIntel did a great job for me. I live in GA, and had reason to believe my husband was having an affair with a female co-worker.  When I hired Accurintel, I was only able to send them a picture of my husband, and the dates and location of the downtown hotel he would be staying at. With just that, they were able to get me video evidence that my husband was having an affair, with the woman I suspected. Due to the video, which the court allowed in, my attorney was able to prove adultery, and I was saved from having to pay him alimony. Thanks again, Ken.  

Susan L.

I had reason to believe my husband was having me followed. I contacted Accurintel, and talked with the owner, he was very nice, didn’t rush me as i told him my concerns. and after telling him my story, he agreed with my concern that I was being followed. He advised me the service i needed was a counter-surveillance investigation to find out who was following me, but first, he wanted to check my car for a GPS. While my husband was out of town for the day, he came by checked my car and found a GPS under my car kept in place with a magnetic case. He worked out a plan to have me leave it on my car, and for me to go to public jogging track, and go jogging, and he would keep my car under surveillance. After I left the track he called me and advised me that he was able to get the name of the PI following me, and the co. he worked for. I was blown away, this was so empowering to me. Though I was upset about being followed, I was happy that I knew for certain. That night I mentioned the name of the PI and the co. my husband hired. There was nothing he could say, so I made my husband sit there while I vented on him over what he had done,  My husband had no choice but to admit to what he had done, and also told me he had paid over $4000 to have me followed. This was all over his insecurity that I got a promotion, and was working longer hours. In contrast, I had only paid just under $500, to find out I was being followed and by whom. Should I ever find the need to hire a private investigator again, I will definitely use Accurintel again.

Name withheld per clients request

Counter-surveillance of your spyware infected computers and mobile devices

The increase in the use of spyware covertly installed on your computers or cell phones is more prevalent than ever, and the makers of these app’s and programs are better at disguising them, making them harder to find than ever before. They give the person who installed it complete control over your phone, from reading sent and received texts, listening in to your conversations, to having the ability to turn your camera and microphone of your phone on from any location seeing and hearing everything around you. We find this occurs mostly with spouses using these app’s, but stalkers have also been found to have done this. If it appears someone close to you, seems to somehow know about your daily activities, with no reasonable explanation for them knowing this information, you may have hidden spyware installed in your phone or computer. Call us for a free consultation, we have cyber-security experts that can find where this spyware is hidden on your devices. At this point, we can go over plans of what we can do next, from removing and hardening your phones defenses to finding out who installed this in the first place.

The most common surveillance services we perform involve:

If you suspect your husband, wife, or partner of infidelity, we can help you prove or disprove your suspicions. If during the course of our surveillance we catch a cheating spouse, the proof we provide can help save you money, and undue burden during legal / divorce proceedings. Also the spouse caught committing adultery may be made to reimburse our fee's paid by our client, out of their diminished share of the marital distribution.
For companies that suspect an employee of internal theft, embezzlement, vandalism or fraud, we provide employee surveillance.
We provide workers comp surveillance to weed out fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.

Your privacy is kept.

All evidence is always kept 100% confidential

A long-standing policy of AccurIntel Investigative Services is to keep all copies of photos and video collected during any surveillance investigation completely confidential, being only available to the client that hired us.


 So if your infidelity photo or video pops up online, don’t blame us – blame the person you cheated on. We take surveillance at any level and for any case seriously. We use only the best equipment and the most experienced staff. If you want hard evidence, if you want to avoid white-collar crime against your company, if you have doubts about someone you love, then call us.

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